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Girl In Ecstasy


Title - Girl In Ecstasy 

Materials Used - Acrylics on Canvas 

Dimensions - 91 cms x 61 cms (36" x 24")

Girl in Ecstasy is an expressive portrait painting that reflects the transcendental mood of a woman. The state of ecstasy experienced by her is beyond physical and material pleasures. She is experiencing her own divinity and a love of the highest form. 

The painting was made with bold and spontaneous brush strokes and paint drips. The base layers were applied using the principles and techniques of action painting. This painting is unique not only in its technique and bold colour choices but also in its quality and the mood that it reflects.

Girl In Ecstasy is not a representation of ecstasy and pleasure through the use of an outside effect or substance, it's about reaching a heightened state of being through one's own mastery over effortless existence, self love and realisation of a higher energy within oneself. It is a reflection of what it is like living each moment with love and surrender, with complete acceptance of ourself and the world around us and of being free from the puny issues of everyday life.

Packaging - The painting will be wrapped in bubble wrap and securely packaged in a cardboard box with acid-free archival paper, foam board and cardboard corner protectors for additional safety of the artwork. 

Delivery - The delivery times will vary according to your location and preferred method of shipping (if any). The artwork is usually dispatched within 2-3 days of placing the order. You will be provided with a tracking code so you know exactly when to expect the delivery.  

This painting comes with a black box frame. If you would like the painting without the frame, please email me personally before placing your order through the website.

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