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Kokil is a London based artist who has been involved in art since a very early age. She grew up in India, where she participated and won numerous awards and competitions. Her initial art training was mainly focussed on the facial anatomy but she later developed her skills, practice and awareness of the built environment by pursuing a degree in Architectural Technology at the University of Westminster in 2008. She worked on many Architectural projects in the Education, Retail and Housing sector but decided to revert back to her studio practice and continued painting expressive portraits and figures. 

She has been involved in different forms of art throughout her whole life, experimenting with various ideas, forms and techniques. When she is not in her studio painting, she practices Yoga, Aerial Acrobatics and Contemporary Dance which has made her extremely passionate about the concept of art and movement. She tries to reflect this energy and expression in her art through free strokes and bold colours. Her other passions are music, writing and reading about Modern art history.

She currently works from her home studio in London but enjoys travelling around the world to develop her practice and find new ideas and inspiration.